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What worries you most about your relationship with your tween/teenage daughter?

Your connection with your tween/teen girl is the most important female bond in her life. Your daughter needs you to help her through this journey. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, you will now have the tools to help keep your daughter from slamming the door.

“Full of useful exercises, practical advice, refreshing humor, engaging stories, and genuine understanding… pure gold for any mom struggling to navigate the waters of parenting a teen girl.”

         Naomi Haupt, Author of “The Mom’s Handbook to Happiness”

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Learn how to navigate and negotiate a strained relationship with a teenage girl (who is impatiently waiting for you to figure it out).

  • Are you finding it harder and harder to communicate with her?
  • Is she getting advice from her friends instead of you?
  • Do you find yourself constantly reacting to situations instead of planning for them?

You’re in luck. Educator and coach Deborah Ann Davis will show you how to:

  • Broach touchy subjects with a moody adolescent
  • Reduce your stress by attacking 3 major myths:
       o    The Guilt Myth
       o    The Supermom Myth
       o    The Plenty-of-Time Myth
  • Deal with button-pushing, envelope-stretching, and adolescent angst
  • Teach your walking volcano how to better relate to you and her world
  • Pursue an emotionally satisfying relationship with your teenage daughter
You don’t have to figure it out on your own!

Still not sure?

and then pick up a copy of your own!

Real-life, practical approaches that will not be read once from front to back, but will be used like an old-fashioned recipe book—we will turn to it again and again, as we need a “recipe” for ways to connect with, and work through problems with daughters.

Debra J. DeWitz, LICSW

How do we know you’ll enjoy the Awesome Mom Handbooks? Because we know you:

1  You know why Mama Bear’s porridge was cold.
2  You can’t lick your elbow.
3  You just tried it.
4  You’re smiling.
6  You’re laughing or smiling again.
7  You didn’t notice Fact 5 is missing.
8  You just checked it.
9  You’re smiling again.
10 You’re going to love How To Keep Your Daughter From Slamming the Door!

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